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Sanders made bringing back Glass-Steagall a

Cohn would make an unlikely ally for Warren, whom she previously of acting as a conduit between Goldman Sachs and the White House when she demanded that the bank turn over information to prove they weren’t colluding. Cohn’s remarks on Wednesday presumably resulted in her leaving the meeting and asking an aide “Has the whole world gone mad? Am I on the same page as a former executive? My entire worldview has been shattered.” Later, we’re guessing, she would replay the sce

SCARBOROUGH: Oh please? Okay, so you’re on national television, I want you to know that, and everything that you are saying is going down on transcripts. I’m going to ask you again. Is it your position here, based on you’ve said before and that’s why I’m asking this question, that people that ran Wall Street preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election?

Mrs. Clinton shifted from attacking Mr. Sanders to a stump speech delivered in December that criticizes Republicans and praises the Vermont senator as her “esteemed” rival.

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