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Okay here’s where things get tricky. We think of the divide between life and death as a distinct boundary, and we believe that at any given point, a person is either definitively alive or definitively dead. But let’s examine that for a second:Next, we have a string of three misleading words to talk about:

If the giant dinosaurs of the car business do rear up to fight Tesla for this new market with Tesla’s own inventions, what are the chances they would make a good fist of it? These companies are just about the least nimble companies on the global business stage. How hard would it be for Tesla to thrive in an environment where the majors poured their billions into electric cars and chummed up demand for the market leader? They would likely thrive.

returned last night with , which can’t really be considered a spoiler considered it marketed as exactly that across every social media channel AMC has. In the end, all the fan theories on earth could not save Carl, and Chandler Riggs has made his exit from the show.

“Six feet two inches,” says Ciana Ayre, glancing skyward. “When you’re a kid, that seems gigantic.”Karen’s test result was negative but, much to the Whitney family’s horror, Brian had inherited the mutation, meaning he has a per cent chance of developing early onset Alzheimer’s.

On a collective level, the impact of being educated in general is huge. Think about what democracy would be if most us couldn’t read. We aspire to a literate society because it allows for public engagement, and I think this is also true for quantitative literacy. The more we can get people to understand how to view the world in a quantitative way, the more successful we can be at getting past biases and beliefs and prejudices. Rebecca Goldin explains why quantitative literacy is so important.

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