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.  I fancy, Caroline, that Diplomacy is what Lord Illingworth is aiming at.  I heard that he was offered Vienna.  But that may not be true.

Children prove an especially entertaining source of mondegreens. Younger students in the United States are known to confuse lines of the Pledge of Allegiance, leading to mondegreens such as “I led the pigeons to the flag” (“I pledge allegiance to the flag), “to the Republic for witches’ dance” (instead of “for which it stands”), “invisible” (for “indivisible”), and “liver tea and just us four, all” (rather than “liberty and justice for all”).Mondegreens are not to be confused

David Shaw: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Andrew Campanelli: Drums Zack Feinberg: Guitar Williams: Pedal Steel Guitar George Gekas: Bass Rob Ingraham: Saxophone, Vocals So when I die I know in my life I ain’t done things well, tried to do things right It’s been a long dark road and try as I might I can’t make it any closer to the golden light

The apse of the heavens, Are you O Lord, Fashioner, And the Holy Church&aposs great Founder, Likewise establish me, In constant love for You For You&aposre the height of our longing Support of the faithful, The only Friend of all.

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