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Southeast Asia, in particular and , is well-known throughout the

LINE is particularly popular in Thailand, and the country features in the platform&aposs top 4 global markets. Indonesia also ranks in LINE&aposs top 4 markets, but data from suggests that the platform only sits at number 3 in the country&aposs ranking of messengers by active users.As you can see in the presentation embed above, the recent report that we published in partnership with outlines the key stats and trends for every country across the region ( if you&aposd prefer to read it in a larger format on SlideShare).

…ethnically different people out of Southeast Asia. (A discredited variant theory traced the Polynesians to South America). More recent suggests that the differences arose within the islands themselves, through the intermixture of an original settlement of non-Austronesian-language speakers ( Papuan languages) from Southeast Asia with a later wave of…

The Monsoon Cup is an international yachting race held every year in the of Terengganu, Malaysia. The race is held during monsoon season, making it a challenging race for sailors.

In Lebanon sectarian attitudes vary significantly by age. Lebanese Sunnis who are 35 and older are less willing than younger Sunnis to accept Shias as Muslims. The history of sectarian conflict in Lebanon in the 1970s and 1980s may help explain the generational difference. Sunnis who came of age during the conflict years are less inclined to view Shias as fellow Muslims. Yet, even with this generational difference, both younger and older Sunnis in Lebanon still are more willing than most Sunnis in the Middl

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