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Bobby’s story illustrates the trauma endured by

Located in the mostly posh neighborhood of western Colorado’s Woody Creek Canyon, ten miles or so down-valley from Aspen, Owl Farm is a rustic ranch with an old-fashioned Wild West charm. Although Thompson’s beloved peacocks roam his property freely, it’s the flowers blooming around the ranch house that provide an unexpected high-country tranquility. Jimmy Carter, George McGovern and Keith Richards, among dozens of others, have shot clay pigeons and stationary targets on the property, whic

Up in the roof, I listen for the sounds of packing. Let’s say it is a tune. It is the kind of tune you might hear playing on the radio next There is no start to the tune and no end. You don’t even like it. But you have noticed that you are humming it. You even moved to the rhythm once or twice. Sign up to the weekly Irish Times books newsletter for features, podcasts and more

But it is not a film. The only heartbeat you can hear is your own. You watch your mum start pulling things out from under your bed. A box of dressing-up clothes. You think, I haven’t worn that for a time. ‘There it is!’ says your mum. ‘There’s the mouse!’

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