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Your husband constantly asks you how you&aposre feeling, and you get a foot rub on a nightly basis. You get one prenatal but only because a friend bought you a gift card. No one cares.

Are you ready to hop into the boat? Maybe it’s your first time, or maybe you are an experienced tripper who wants to get their mind straight before embarking again. In any case, here’s what to expect on your date with Lucy.

Statutes of limitation—deadlines by which a lawsuit must be filed or be permanently barred—differ from state to state, as do the procedural requirements that must be met before a medical-malpractice lawsuit is filed. It&aposs always best to guidance from an attorney licensed in the state where the alleged malpractice occurred.

You want to trip with good company. Now, there’s an important distinction to make here: good company doesn’t necessarily mean close friends. There are some close friends of mine that I wouldn’t want to trip with, simply due to the nature of their personality and energy. It doesn’t mean they are people. However, some people possess traits that are more acid-compatible.

These are all awesome tips! I totally agree with every single one! Especially the car seat!!! Such an important thing to get right!

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