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Many panelists echoed this viewpoint. They were particularly

Such an inspiring gathering! Thanks for the summary, videos and the creative cartoons. I hope we can normalize this to the point that one day our daughters and nieces, students and colleagues will wonder why this was even an issue. It will take both changes institutionally and in individual attitudes. Groups like American of University Women are advocating for equal pay, studying the ways women are discouraged in science, and providing tools and training for girls and women to learn, love, stay in and creat

Though Cohen presented the Jewish belief that 40 days after conception is a critical threshold human life, he said he disagrees with that notion. He believes that medical advances that allow embryos to live outside the human body and scientific knowledge that 40 days after conception is not a significant time in human development have put humanity in a situation unanticipated by religious tradition.Representatives of three of the world’s major religions tangled over the beginnings of human life, the d

American Enlightenment thought can also be appreciated chronologically, or in terms of three temporal stages in the development of Enlightenment Age thinking. The early stage stretches from the time of the Glorious Revolution of 1688 to 1750, when members of Europe’s middle class began to break free from the monarchical and aristocratic regimes—whether through scientific discovery, social and political change or emigration outside of Europe, including America. The middle stage extends from 1751 to just

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