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For more instruction on how to go live on YouTube

To be fair, one of the challenges for Hulu is that it’s trying to merge a Live TV service – similar to Sling TV or PlayStation Vue – with an on-demand service, similar to Netflix. That means when you subscribe to the $40 Hulu with Live TV service, you can watch shows from Hulu’s on-demand library and its originals, and you can flip through live TV channels.The new guide doesn’t solve this problem, but at least makes it easier to browse Live TV separately from the on-demand content.

You can choose to delay the broadcast stream so that does not run concurrently with the monitor stream. By delaying the broadcast stream, you can have more fine-grained control over the time that you insert cuepoints into the broadcast.

On January 27, 2015, YouTube announced that HTML5 would be the default playback method on . YouTube used to employ , but with the switch to HTML5 video now streams video using (MPEG-DASH), an adaptive bit-rate HTTP-based streaming solution optimizing the bitrate and quality for the available network.Perhaps user complaints are justified, but the idea of revamping the old system so bad.

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