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The idea behind bioregenerative life support, which Porterfield worked on

For instance, the consumption of carotenoids through whole-food-based diet is a recommendable protective measure since the human body is unable to produce any of the major photoprotective carotenoids considered essential for human vision: β-carotene as precursor of retinal constituent vitamin A, and zeaxanthin and lutein for protecting the eyes by absorbing excess light intensity (Cohu et al., ). Production of bioactive and particularly carotenoid-rich vegetables as part of Space Life Support System

The future of space missions and extended human presence in space requires the ability to provide proper dietary intake for space travelers with minimal resupply from the Earth, as food and food packaging currently represent a significant burden on space mission consumables (Perchonok et al., ). This is critical for sustaining an optimal nutritional status for space travelers and for mitigating stress effects from long-duration space travel, including weight loss, hematological changes, and space radiation-

. Ulrich, R.S. 1984. View through a window may influence recovery from surgery. 224(4647):420-421.Little information about the impacts of space radiation on plants and microbes

Park, Myoung Ryoul and Hasenstein, Karl H. 2016. Oxygen dependency of germinating Brassica , Vol. 8, p. 30.

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