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To broaden our understanding of what Millennials want at work,

In addition to these priorities, young people feel their voice is not heard, as 55.9% of respondents to the survey disagreed with the statement: “In my country, young people’s views are considered before important decisions are taken”.

Finally, training has to be relevant. This generation loves learning. If you have to put them in a classroom, be sure to make it as experiential as possible, with lots of group work and activities to illustrate your learning objectives. Give them time to build relationships while they are in training, and provide informal social time occasionally for employees to gather and build morale.Given these general insights, there are many things organizations can do to successfully integrate this generation into ou

Millennials blur the lines between their work and personal lives more than any previous generation. Unlike previous generations, who saved up vacation days and either never used them (Baby Boomers) or took vacation in chunks (Generation Xers), millennials tend to take them as soon as they earn them. They value their personal time as much as their work and want time away from the office to recharge.

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