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You can add location information to your Tweets,

Comments on a check-in are viewable by people who can see that check-in. This means that potential friends-of-friends could see the things you write in your comments.You can opt out of letting other users (including business owners) see your Twitter handle by adjusting your

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The image above is what people see at when they click on the location part of your tweet. (Tweetdeck and Twitter for the smart phone all seem to handle it a bit differently, but if it catches on I imagine you’ll see this added to all 3rd party tools.)If you have a business where people check in, an office, retail store or restaurant or bar, you can and probably should add your place of business so that people can simply click on your place and add the address automatically.

I’ll need to update the post, a lot has happened since the original posting date. The Chrome Twitter template has been deprecated, and is no longer found on the Create A New Web App gallery. Twitter, currently found on the 3rd panel, is the app template to Because of changes in the Twitter API you’ll need to sign in first (something you can configure into the template), but after you do so you can enter a search string and see “dots on the map.”

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