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The Egyptian experience is hardly unique. Palestinian mosques have experienced heavy-handed

When asked whether the Senate could “take action” against Moore if he’s elected, McConnell washed his hands of the issue, . “The Ethics Committee will have to consider the matters that have litigated in the campaign should that particular candidate win,” McConnell said. “The Ethics Committee will handle this in the regular ordered way that we do this in the Senate. And I&aposm confident they&aposll come up with the right conclusion.”The session wrapped up several minutes ea

Soldiers overlook the Hebron region in 2014. (photo credit: KOBI GIDEON/GPO) By JPOST.COM STAFF

After such a long time spent under often exploitative Western domination, postcolonial in the Middle East simply do not trust Westerners to rule Muslims benignly. In the 2004 Pew Global Attitudes poll cited above, 61 percent of Pakistanis, 70 percent of Jordanians, and nearly half of Moroccans expressed the belief that Iraq would be worse off after Saddam Hussein fell and the Americans took over. They also for the most part approved of suicide bombings against Americans in Iraq. Clearly, they consider the c

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