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High Performance Computing workload management gains new levels of flexibility in

IsilonSD Edge Software: Expanding the Data Lake to the Edge

delivers high-quality computational software and high performance computing services. For 40 years NAG experts have worked closely with world-leading researchers in and industry to create powerful, reliable and flexible

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At the show, Intel’s HPC experts and delivered a joint keynote sharing Intel’s plans to further advance HPC systems with built-in high-performance data analytics by combining traditional HPC with artificial intelligence (AI). They explained that by integrating Intel’s upcoming products targeted for AI applications, HPC systems can deliver faster workloads at a lower cost. Intel’s commitment is to transform HPC to become a key foundation for driving new digital services and experiences, while deliv

Deep learning algorithms are exploding in the industry as organizations are under competitive pressure to support the increasing sophistication of simulation and machine learning models. With up to eight high performance NVIDIA GPU cards designed for maximum transfer bandwidth, the is purpose-built for deep learning applications. Its high ratio of GPUs to CPUs, dense 4U form factor and efficient design enable organizations to run deep learning recommendation algorithms faster and more efficiently, signific

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