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Sometimes anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications, such as

Antidepressants, like most medications, can change the way you feel. This means that if you stop taking the medication you may start to feel the way you did before the treatment. Some people confuse this with being addicted. Antidepressants are not addictive and you will not become dependent on them. However, it is important to talk to your doctor before you stop taking them. It is always advisable to reduce the dose slowly, with close monitoring, to minimise possible discomfort as your body adjusts to the

These medications are not generally recommended for treatment of depression in children and adolescents, but they may be prescribed in certain circumstances. It is important to discuss this issue with the treating doctor, and ensure effects are monitored if an antidepressant is prescribed. If a child or adolescent is currently being treated with an SSRI, they should not have the medication ceased abruptly, but reduced gradually by the doctor if it needs to be stopped. People over 65 taking antidepressants m

There are many types of antidepressant medication available: an older group (known as tricyclics), and newer groups (known as SSRIs and SNRIs) which tend to have fewer side-effects and a wider safety margin than older ones if the wrong dose is medications work for different people. While there is usually a period of trial and adjustment, there are some things you and your doctor can talk over to help decide which is most likely to be right for you. Some things you should discuss with your doctor are:People

People taking benzodiazepines for weeks or months may develop tolerance for and dependence on these drugs. Abuse and withdrawal reactions are also possible. For these reasons, the medications are generally prescribed for brief periods of time – or weeks – and sometimes just for stressful situations or anxiety attacks. However, some patients may need long-term treatment.

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