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There are three different fertility indicators you can

The World Health Organization recommends that women wait 24 months after giving birth before becoming pregnant again. Your health improves when you have a chance to recover, physically and emotionally, from giving birth and caring for your new baby. When you are healthy, your family benefits, too. Closely spaced pregnancies increase health risks, including preterm labor and low birth weight. Women also space childbearing for social and financial reasons. If your first menstruation is preceded by ovulation,

The plot of world population size over time in (top solid line) shows the typical pattern of estimated and projected population size over the course of the transition. Population growth accelerated for most of the twentieth century reaching the transition&aposs midpoint in the 1980s and has recently begun to decelerate slightly. Today, we are still on the steepest part of this growth curve with additions to world population exceeding 75 million per year between 1971 and 2016.At the end of the demographic trans

The possible negative effects on milk production can sometimes be difficult or impossible fully reverse with either combined hormonal or progestin-only methods, especially with methods that cannot be stopped quickly. A nursing mother needs to carefully consider whether to use any of the hormone-based contraceptives while the baby is dependent on breastmilk for the majority of his nutrition. The importance of pregnancy prevention versus maintaining optimal milk supply is something that only the mother can as

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