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Indian farmers use a combine to harvest wheat. (Credit:

Tall cereal plant with large seeds (kernels) cultivated for food and industry. Also called maize.

Consider this: PAU, which eventually proved critical in adapting the new wheat varieties to local conditions, had been established in 1962 Markfed, the state&aposs marketing body, the Punjab Mandi Board, the Land Development &amp Reclamation Corporation and Punjab Agro Industries Corporation were also set up by 1965-66. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

In 1990, wheat was the state&aposs fourth most valuable agricultural product, behind apples, milk, and cattle, in that order. The state&aposs five leading wheat-producing counties were, in order, Whitman, Lincoln, Adams, Walla Walla, and Grant. Continued scientific advances had boosted productivity to 90 bushels an acre in many cases, and sometimes as high as 125 bushels per acre. About 87 percent of the state&aposs was dryland wheat, as opposed to irrigated wheat. Most of it -- 92 percent -- was winter wheat. About 85

Winter Wheat:: Planting of winter wheat occurs from mid-August through October.: Harvesting of winter wheat occurs from mid-May to mid-July.Each year is a new adventure in the wheat market as it is a commodity that most people around the consume on a daily basis.

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