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Event properties can be anything you want

You will need to assign a name to each Amplitude project/instance and use that name consistently when fetching that instance to call functions. These names do not need to be the names of your projects in the Amplitude platform, but they will need to remain consistent throughout your code. You also need to be sure that each instance is initialized with the correct . You can also assign instances to a variable and call functions on that variable:

An event code is a string. can contain anything you want - numbers, lists of numbers, words, Unicode characters, etc. In , you assign an event code to a by defining the code parameter. If your event code is a single number, you need not enclose it in quotation marks. You may also enter a list of comma delimited numbers. However, if your event code is anything other than these options, you must use a string.If you name a for use in , you may include the code parameter definition in the stimulus event defin

Since you’re now tracking those Device &amp Version properties for every purchase, it’s very easy to do the following:You can easily check and inspect your data’s property types by viewing your Project’s “Event Streams”, or you can .

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