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We writers and bloggers take ourselves so seriously a

: If you can do the meme with Harambe in the background, it’s a hot take right now. There was one guy though that had Tom and Jerry tattooed on his ribs that he said he drew and tattooed himself.

“Capturing the light is everything! As a plein air painter, it is always the light that I remember most about location. It is my inspiration. for more information about our classes, exhibits, and events in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for writing your piece. You’ve expounded some of the reasons why I’m particularly excited about Panorama Journal which is about literary travel with both online- and paper-presence. I’m very interested about putting forward and fashioning the narratives and lessons of history into contemporary perspectives, especially in these troubling times.Some of us are traveling the world without instagram accounts, selfies, asking locals what their problems are, etc.

Telling your story, and your artwork’s story, increases its value. Here are other blog posts you might be interested in:

Writing well is hard enough, but doing so in another requires dexterity that would make any monolinguist tremble. Yet Polish-born author and translator Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough sees it as an opportunity. In our Autumn 2016 issue, she explores the polyglot empowerment she still feels, many years after learning English, because she’s able to admire the world from two different perspectives.

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