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Oh lady, I hear you. We had a tornado drop

The most deaths – nine – happened on March 2, 2012, when a tornado skipped from  Ripley County, Indiana, to Kenton and Grant counties in Northern Kentucky and to Clermont County in Ohio.Home destroyed in Piner, Kentucky, in 2012.

“I told my sister: ‘It’s right us.’ The whole building started to go.’’

“There are no words to comfort the broken heart of a mother or father,” Berke said in a statement. “I pray for families affected by [this] tragedy.” Five children were killed, said, amending an earlier death toll of six. Among the injured students still hospitalized, six were in critical condition and six were stable, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported.

Seasoned chasers will tell you that the sound a tornado makes is like a waterfall. Take a listen (|). You can debate the timbre, like my girlfriend when listening along with me, but it’s true. She’s right that the pitch is slightly different. There are very similar qualities.Even given vast increases in forecasting skill over the last several decades, individual storm days are still a peculiar animal.

What Parker did not know was that May 22 tornado was a right-turning tornado that was headed to the southeast. His sister would drive them to Wildwood Ranch, the spot where the tornado would drop from the sky and where there is no road to go farther south.EF-5 tornadoes hit Greensburg in 2007 and Parkersburg in 2008.

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