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Go to the emergency room immediately! You need surgery to yank your appendix. If you wait too long, it can rupture, spewing bacteria all over your innards—disgusting and life threatening. Nausea, cramps, bloating, gas, and/or diarrhea 30 minutes to two hours after eating or drinking foods containing lactose.

Sometimes the questions are incredibly complicated. But only because we let them be, only because we don’t learn how to examine those at their smallest level.

But let’s speak frankly to each other. I’m not the smartest guy you’ve ever met, or the hardest-working. I was a mediocre student. I’m not technical at all—I can’t write a word of code. What sets me apart, I think, is a tolerance for risk and an intuition about what will happen in the future. Seeing where things are headed is the essence of entrepreneurship. And what do I see in our future now? From Nick Hanauer My Fellow Zillionaires

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