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Suggestions put forward from London so far have been dismissed as “cherry-picking” and “having your cake and eat it”. “The UK has not been particularly specific,” the official said. “It has been setting out a number of red lines, but what the UK has been saying so far still entails a number of internal contradictions and does not seem entirely realistic to us.”

That brings us to the biggest reason the Warriors would consider dealing the quieter Splash Brother: money. At one point or another, finances will undo the current core. Kevin Durant may have taken less money to reup with the team, but that’s a decision top players rarely make. That Thompson is rumored to be involved in trade talks may mean that when push comes to shove, he will have to decline tempting offers if he wants to stay in the Bay.

“I think I left a pretty good mark,” he said of his legacy in Detroit if last night’s loss to the Steelers was his last game. “If I get the opportunities, then I make plays. If not, then it is what it is. I mean, they boo me the hell off the field anyway.”Part of the dislike for him is not only his draft position and his drops, but his arrogance.

See, speculating is fun, and it generates conversation. Paid writers this as well, which is likely what prompted Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders trading or :I wish it were this easy.

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