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I highly recommend reading through (pdf), which

A mp3 file is made up of several frames. A frame can be further divided into a header and data block. We call these sequence of frames an elementary stream.Here’s is an example of mp4 video

Similar to PDF format, python has a community contributed library to parse a docx file. It is called python-docx2txt.Above code will load the train.csv file in DataFrame df.

A file format is a standard way in which information is encoded for storage in a file. First, the file format specifies whether the file is a binary or ASCII file. Second, it shows how the information is organized. For example, comma-separated values (CSV) file stores tabular data in plain text.

There are many popular computer data archive format for creating archive files. Zip, RAR and Tar being the most popular archive file format for compressing the data.t = pd.read_hdf(‘train.h5’)

A mp3 file format compresses the of audio by filtering out the audio which can not be heard by humans. MP3 compression commonly achieves 75 to 95% reduction in size, so it saves a lot of space.Let’s take a simple example of a text File.

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