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These reactions to Advent aren't surprising, since we do

Kathy Coffey is a retreat leader, speaker, and the author of such books as , , and , and a longtime contributor to . For more information, visit her .But the hazard of this natural forgetfulness is that it works against our remembering how we’ve negotiated difficult passages before—illness, job loss, divorce, grief or moving—so we can do it again.

By enabling true video formats (like MP4) to be included in tags, Safari Technology Preview has fixed these performance and UX problems. Now, our micro-form videos can be small and efficient (like MP4s delivered via the tag) they can can be easily preloaded, autoplayed, and shared (like our old friend, the GIF).

DAVIES: Give us an example.As the campaign proceeded, did the campaigns themselves or Donald Trump through tweets have any role in building an audience for these fake news stories?

Yes animated WebP is smaller but any video format is smaller. This shouldn’t surprise anyone since these modern video codecs are highly optimized for online video streaming. H.265 fairs very well as I expect AV1 will too.

But apparently God didn’t think human obstacles and categories were “flaws” in Mary. If God had approached a heavenly committee to explain the plan for God would have been unfazed by the ensuing chorus of criticism.

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