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There are several different types of plugs and ports that one should be familiar with when using a computer. Here is a summary of the all the interfaces you should need to be familiar with to connect your keyboard or

A menu system is the most classic example of a recognition-based user interface: the computer shows you the available commands, and you recognize the one you want. Say, for example, that you’re working with a word processor and want to draw a line through a sentence to indicate that it&aposs no longer valid. Before the advent of graphical user interfaces you would have had to recall the name of this rarely used formatting feature. A difficult and error-prone task. Now, however, you look at the menu of formatt

The classic example of recall in an interface is login. When you log in to a site, you have to remember both a username (or email) and a password. You receive very few cues to help you with that memory retrieval: usually, just the site itself. Some people make it easier for themselves by using the same credentials everywhere on the web. Others create a password that is related to the site (e.g., “amazonpassword” for or “buyshoes” on so that they can increase the ability of rec

This research was supported by the Royal Society International Exchange Programme (grant no. IE120643). Jan Vandrol from Cranfield University assisted in data pre-processing and Dr Gavin McArdle from University College Dublin let us adapt his mouse tracker code, for which we thank them. We are also to our experiment participants for their time and efforts.Is the Subject Area applicable to this article?

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