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Otherwise, you can establish predetermined areas for various caching attributes in each virtual server. For instance, you could specify a directory /cache-1m that will be cached for one month after access, and a /no-cache area that will be served with headers instructing caches not to store representations from it.

The current JackrabbitSimpleAccessManager class only supports three access levels: anonymous, normal, and Anonymous users have read access while normal and system users have full read-write access. You need to implement a custom AccessManager class to get more fine-grained access control.The context node of an XPath query is the XML node relative to which the query expression is evaluated.

Leading questions seek a specific answer, one that puts the person being asked the question in a negative light, pushes through the questioner’s agenda, or exerts social pressure to force agreement. Among their many downsides, leading questions such as the following inhibit direct reports from answering candidly and stifle honest discussion:The most effective and empowering questions create value in one or more of the following ways:

The compiler-generated copy constructor is wrong it copies the OpenGL object name, not the OpenGL object itself. This leaves two C++ objects which each intend to destroy the same OpenGL object.For example, if you using GLUT, you need to make sure you pass to the function.

There are many articles online about some of the threats that open resolvers face. We made a conscious decision to be open and we have taken what we believe to be adequate precautions. See the page for information on the precautions we have taken to help protect our users from spoofing and cache poisoning, and to mitigate DNS-based attacks.We are not providing an SLA for this service at this time.

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