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1. Strict photoprotection should be enforced and

We will focus here on interactions that can be influenced by management. In accordance with Sposito (), we consider that managing complex plant–soil interaction is an unexploited field to allow sustainable intensification of crop production, taking into account the constraints to other ways for increasing food production such as land conversion and blue water use.Efficiency decreases from high (+++) to no effect (−)

Guidelines on Cosmetic Efficacy Testing on Humans. Ethical, Technical, and Regulatory Requirements in the Main Cosmetics Markets Standards and guidelines for efficacy testing of cosmetics on humans.

In general, the regulatory requirements for cosmetics are different in different countries (). Even the classification rules defining what a cosmetic is differ between countries. A product classified as a cosmetic in one country may be classified as a drug in another country. This has implications for the testing of cosmetics products. Depending on which country the testing is performed and/or the test product is marketed, different specific testing may be required, desirable and/or allowed.Farcoderm s.r.l,

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