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Treating employees as customers is not a new idea. However, the

Below is a comprehensive list of all the different components of your customer experience. You should take one area at a time and spend time on improving it. This should be an ongoing process which never ends.To stay relevant and keep your , you have to know how to optimize your customer strategies.

“Everybody was talking, it was like one big family,” she said. “The atmosphere just stayed for the entire event, and I said to myself, ‘I’ve got to get into that company.’”

IP rights can also facilitate the establishment of joint ventures. SMEs facing serious financial constraints but rich with IP assets may find this form of partnership strategically useful. Ownership of patent and trade secrets may play a crucial role in attracting potential partners. Sometimes, an enterprise with patented product and/or valuable trade secrets may find it strategically beneficial to enter into a joint venture arrangement with an enterprise with a strong trademark so as to secure more sales.C

Understand that as the leader, you will make the ultimate decisions and plans. Even if you don’t follow your employees’ advice take their suggestions verbatim, however, the very act of soliciting their feedback will give you more information and ideas and will make them feel involved.

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