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On a side note, with regard to Japanese Americans, there are

One year later, the Naturalization Act was again challenged by an Asian Indian applying for citizenship in . Asian Indians, numbering only a few thousand in the United States at the time, were considered technically Caucasian, and some were granted citizenship. Thind, a United States veteran of World War I, was naturalized in 1920, but the Board of Immigration challenged his citizenship for his outspoken beliefs on India’s independence. In , the Court backtracked from , stating that the 1790 Act “does n

Department of Geriatric Medicine, John A. Burns School of Medicine University of HawaiiAfter completing the module, learners should be able

The inscriptions on the outer rim are the titles of the three units represented on the medal—the 100th INF BN, 442nd RCT and MIS. In addition, the years 1941–1946, the defined years of World War II according to the Department of Defense, are inscribed in the upper right field of the medal.

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