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“Was there an anti-Trump protest outside this building a couple of

After 9/11, America went on a rampage around the world. It fabricated intelligence and unleased thousands of armed gangsters, kidnapping innocent victims from around the world, labeling them terrorist, torturing some for years then quietly releasing most with a lame apology and a few…Over the last few centuries, roughly after the Peace of Westphalia when the borders of states were determined after unceasing and bloody wars, Russia with her vast territory, seas, rivers, forests, natural riches, brillia

In the Cold War, we had ideological screening test. The time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today.

The all-inclusive and reckless use of the term “sexual harassment” has the effect of obscuring the chasm between the amorphous catch-all called the “unwanted advance” (request for a date, complimenting another person for his or her looks, and, heaven forbid, indicating sexual interest) and a physically violent assault. In reporting the resignation of the long-time editor of the , the informs its readers that Lorin Stein was rumored to be “a serial dater,” and that “whispers about Mr. Stein’

Capping them was a teen&aposs performance of a stanza from the song , dedicated to her jailed father. It is a staple, performed countless times over than a dozen years.

People can be found riding bicycles on sidewalks around the country. But should sidewalks as bike lanes? It’s another step toward increasing the chances that victims of crashes can be compensated.

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