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All websites and their content are inherently copyrighted,

The Department of Neurology has a new site! Check it out: Brief, meaningful page headings that succinctly describe what the pages are about helps site visitors to quickly scan a site for the information they need.

© Regents of the University of |  | The owner of copyright in the collective work is presumed to have acquired the privilege of reproducing and distributing the individual contributions only as part of that particular collective work and any revisions that occur.

When I clicked on this article I was hoping to see something about Creative Commons included. Most of my work is for nonprofits looking for recognition and advertisement. want them or anyone else who would like to use and disperse the information to have it easily useable without worry about getting my written permission to use it, much less my having to answer those requests in writing. C.C. protects the creator from stealing to copyright and from misuse, requiring the user to license under the same C.C. l

This website is a dynamic website, and the documents published are the work of a number of different external authors and agencies. Some of these documents may have accessibility issues, or contain material that is inherently difficult to present in an accessible format, such as maps and diagrams.The Office of Parliamentary Counsel aims to make information on this website accessible to all users.

The details of the relevant licence conditions and the   are available on the  .OPC is bound by the and the Australian Privacy Principles within the Act in relation to the handling, use and management of personal information.

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