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3:00am - Aug 14 2018
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One marketer did just that, testing a submit button with a red border that changed to green when the mouse moved over it. His little conversion test resulted in a 40%+ opt in rate. The reasoning behind the color change is that it visually and subconsciously moves the user from “Stop” to “Go”, giving them the initiative to make that click. Learn more about the test and get the code for the button color change .Here’s the script you can use to make your input field text disappear when the user click

I’m looking for connect live chat tool and OptinMonster. Maybe with zapier. But if I do that, when user give his email in the live chat tool, his email be send to OptinMonster, I’m not sure that cookie change in GlobalSuccess (method 1) automatically.If you are an OptinMonster user, there are 4 different methods that you can use to disable pop-ups for your subscribers:

Great question, Nemo. 🙂 Here’s our documentation on to distinguish between new and returning visitors, and to recognize people who have already opted into a campaign. Hope this helps.One of the most common requests that we’ve gotten from our users is for the ability to turn off pop-ups for those who’ve already subscribed.


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