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Also, notice that coherence does not require understanding. I would

In this paper, we argue that while savantism (defined as prodigious talent) is only seen in a subgroup of people with ASC, a universal feature of the autistic brain is ( ). Furthermore, we argue that excellent attention to detail exists in ASC because of evolutionary forces positively selecting brains for , a highly adaptive human ability (). The NCBI web site requires JavaScript to function.

Turn your attention inward, within your Being. You can imagine that you have had all of these tendrils or these arms reaching out of you, these energetic projections that have been holding your attention in many different places… all of the things you have to keep track of in your life. Bring those now back to you, like retracting your energy back into Back into you, releasing everything that is external.

T.T. was supported by the Pinsent Darwin Trust and Autism Speaks UK during the period of this work. E.A., C.A., B.C. and S.B.-C. were supported by the MRC UK. Parts of this paper are reproduced with permission from and .

There are many examples we could give of coherent energy and it’s creator abilities. We love the example of coherent light. It is a laser. You can do many, many things with a laser.Allow your awareness to go deep within the center of you.

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