in process …


Something bad happened. You should try to fix …


The action is completed.

Imagine knowing something that awful was going to happen

Hello i am just a dude in this world, i dont normally write on computers but i have had dreams that occur in the far away past, and they become reality in the future, one of the moments in a dream i cant remember the full detail but i had spilt a drink on my friend computer by accident, and then in reality it actually happened later perhaps a year and half later. i have had maybe 1 or 2 other moments but i cant remember them the computer one shocked me and i always remember it. for the future to be planned

But it appears that Trey Wingo is the main candidate to replace Greenberg. Still, no matter what happens, Golic knows that ESPN will move on:Lindsey Vonn goes for the gold in the women’s downhill at the PyeongChang Olympics

Has anyone try to do something different from what is going on the deja vu during the deja vu. i have always try to do something different, but usually i had done the same, except for 1 time. in that occasion i stopped doing anything, after a few sec the deja vu turns into a vision. i knew EXACTLY (for a couple of minutes) what will happen, and what the other person involved in the deja vu (vision) will do or say, with a time gap of 6 - 10 sec before things happens, and i changed some thing, but the other p

Changing schools is a big deal, so what&aposs the best way to face it? It&aposs a paradox, but the one thing that never changes about life is change: change just happens. While you can&apost prepare for every change you&aposre going to meet, you can learn to get better at dealing with change itself. Changing schools is the challenge now, but big changes will happen again and again (nothing stays the same), so getting skilled up in dealing with change will help you for the rest of your life.

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