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The SNCC also organized local campaigns with NAACP

During the Civil Rights Movement, the NAACP help to integrate public schools in the South through the Brown v. Board of Education case.

Bond was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 1965. White members of the House refused to seat him because of his opposition to the Vietnam War. In 1966, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the House had denied Bond his of speech and had to seat him.Thank you for signing up!

For its early litigation efforts, the NAACP relied on lawyers who volunteered their services. In 1934, the group hired charles hamilton houston, an African American and dean of Howard Law School, as its first full-time attorney. The following year, Houston started a legal campaign to end school segregation. Houston was assisted by thurgood marshall, a young lawyer who would go on to argue many cases before the Supreme Court and in 1967 would become the first African American to the Court. In 1940, the NAACP

So the groundwork had already been laid when King came to Selma. In the movie, King and his staff suggest SNCC was unsuccessful based on actual numbers registered. In actuality, SNCC and DCLV built an organized base, and it was because of this base that King and SCLC were able to mobilize successfully.When I went back to Amherst College to graduate, I had a chance to about my first experience with SNCC:

The elder statesman of the civil rights movement, Randolph was the principal visionary behind the March on Washington. At age 74, he had dedicated his life to organizing workers. Randolph brought an unwavering socialist vision to the civil rights struggle. His considerable achievements included founding the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters in 1925, creating the National Negro Congress in 1936, serving as vice president of the AFL-CIO in the 1950s, and organizing the Negro American Labor Council in 1959.

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