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So use writer’s block as a signal

You need breaks like this to remind yourself of why got into making music in the first place, and to remember that music is more than just the end result. Certainly we all take pride in a song or album that’s well done after a lot of work, but you have to enjoy all the moments that come before that too, or else what’s the point? Use the time when you’re in a rut to find the fun in the simple things again. To remember that joy you felt when you first started putting your fingers on the stri

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So it was that late this spring, around the time of the melting of the last snow, with no advance signal, I woke up one day and wanted to be making sentences. For once. I was not thinking about the wherefores or looking for the worthy ideas I just needed to be inside the local logic of sounds and rhythms, with the feeling that comes when the approximate unexpectedly finds the better, sharper way of saying. I craved those moments of the aerialist’s suspense when one ring has been let go and the other is j

I’ve had problems other than writer’s block, but I have never had writer’s block itself. For me to say that I’ve got writer’s block is just my saying that I’ve been lazy. The question is *why* I have been or *why* am I being lazy? What am allowing to get in my way?

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