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When you renew an Avast software subscription

We know you appreciate the protection that Avast Free Antivirus provides, but when you are giving a presentation or concentrating on playing an game, it may not be the best time for a popup notification to appear. That’s why we made it easy for you to silence Avast.

So they literally wanted to refund my money then recharge me more than the original amount. And after fighting with him for over a half hour on the phone and listening to him tell me it was my fault that I everything out and agreed to the terms and there was no possible way that I could get out of it I decided to just call my bank and have them go after avast to get my money back. So bottom line Avast seems to be a giant scam that leads you in circles when you have a problem. Would never. Ever. Ever recomme

I have used Avast for many years with good success. Recently my printer would not work after Avast said my driver is outdated and for a fee it will update drivers. Is Avast messing with my drivers? After checking my task manager I saw Avast Driver updater was hogging up space. Went to Avast settings and driver updater and things settled down. Restarted computer and all is well. I believe these extra services that Avast wants money for is actually harming our computers. Avast’s SecureLine protects your iOS

There’s also a security assessment reporting component that lets MSPs show businesses where they’re vulnerable in terms they can easily comprehend. According to Sykes, that feature’s simplicity and clarity both distinguish it from the stand-alone security reporting solutions most MSPs rely on today.

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