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For Bradshaw, the answer lies partly in the kinds of

These may sound like the elements of a traditional detective novel. Especially since Steiner also gives us a traditionally flawed sleuth, Detective Sergeant Manon (“a Marmite name, you either loved it or loathed it”) Bradshaw, her solitary life as disheveled as her hair, her sardonic perspective not quite camouflaging her intense need, at almost 40, to have personal connections that are as solid as those she has to her job with the Major Incident Team of the Cambridge police. In other words, she’s a k

“Well, it could have been a mouth, Ken. Hard to believe it was mouth. Was it really a mouth, Ken?”

At , wore a trunk in tribute to Guerrero. During the match she also performed the Frog Splash.In Mexico, he wrestled mainly for (AAA), teaming with as the new version of La Pareja Atómica Atomic Pair), the of Gory Guerrero and .

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