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In an innovative business world, Puerto Rico is ready for the

The ‘Check Off your Bucket List’ promotion, rewards meeting and incentive industry planners for booking groups at select participating hotels and resorts in Puerto Rico. A one-time ‘experience’ from either a culinary, cultural or entertainment option will be provided to a group for any day.

The supports important programs and trade related activities organized and coordinated by the.  Federal investment funds granted the support PR Trade’s PRO TECH program for the promotion of technology based startups in the island.

Trump’s divisive politics is obviously not new — it was to the surprising outcome. What is outrageous is the extent of Trump’s bluster and wrongheaded choices now as president. His explicit promotion of white nationalist ideology and disregard for the US Constitution should raise real concerns among moderate and even right of center Republicans, let alone the rest of Americans. As a candidate, Trump was tolerated by the conservative and GOP establishment that hoped to regain the White House

A version of this article appears in print on September 22, 2017, on Page A14 of the with the headline: Far From the Destruction, With Few Ways to Get News From Back Home. • A map and directory of emergency operation centers in Puerto Rico can be found

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