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Natural deodorants have come a long way since

Despite how much success most people have had with Primally Pure deodorant, there are still some pitfalls (ha ha) that can occur when using it. The good news is, most of them can be fixed quite

The aluminum that is in so many commercial grade deodorants is effective against sweating (to a degree, we all know even the most potent ones still allow some sweating) for a reason. It actually clogs the pores that allow the skin to sweat. Your body, particularly this part of your body, does need to sweat a little though.

However, if you’re serious about going deodorant-free, it’s important to stick stinky phase out. The good news? It gets better.Some people who leave their deodorant behind find that That’s not to say that your natural musk will ever disappear completely.

and other stench-masking products have come a long way since they first appeared on the scene. Though they’re probably not as strong as the clinical-strength antiperspirant you’ve been swiping on your armpits since you hit puberty, they’re a far cry from bare pits. Scented oils, deodorant creams, natural mineral salt deodorant, and organic sprays can definitely along with all their unholy smells.

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