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Scissor Sisters' mum tells how Black Widow killer daughter against her

Judy Bernly (Jane Fonda), who needs a job after her husband left her for his secretary, joins the huge firm Consolidated Companies and learns the ropes from Violet Newstead (Lily Tomlin), a widow who is a whiz at work but has been denied promotions in favor of the man she trained, dastardly Franklin Hart (Dabney Coleman). When Franklin spreads rumors that he is sleeping with buxom Doralee Rhodes (Dolly Parton), the three women harbor fantasies of revenge involving guns and bondage, which — this being

Korean melodramas are like classic Hollywood fare gone totally nuts. The crimes are more vividly displayed, the retribution way more lurid. In this capper to his bloodily operatic Vengeance trilogy, following (2002) and (2003, remade by Spike Lee last year), Chan hands the reins of revenge to a woman. Lee Geum-ja (Lee Young-ae), convicted of murdering a schoolboy, becomes a model prisoner and on her release is welcomed as a sinner reformed to sainthood. It’s all a ruse in her long-gestating plan to

Catherine de&apos Medici married Henry, Duke of Orléans, the future , in on 28 October 1533. She gave birth to ten children, of whom four sons and three daughters survived into adulthood. Three of her sons became kings of France, while two of her daughters married kings and one married a duke. Catherine outlived all her children except Henry III, who died seven months after her, and Margaret, who inherited her robust health.Henry IV was later reported to have said of Catherine:

The main feeling I have for my mom is, I just wish that she had gotten to live her life. I feel very sad that that was taken from her and that there was no justice in the way she was killed, in the way the case was prosecuted [her body was found five months after her death, when one of her murderers showed police where her remains were as part of a deal to get a reduced sentence]. My dad I knew better, for longer, and he like the most charming, generous person. Like my mom he was fun. He had suffered from b

This glam pop gem sees Jake Shears (he of the fabulously high-hoisted buttocks) suggesting that good gay sons could best come out to their mothers by taking them on a fun-filled boozy bender. Forget the afternoon tea, this weekend is as good a time as any to get her ‘jacked up on some cheap champagne and let the good times all roll out.’Country megalegend Parton has composed around 3000 songs, including the original version of I Will Always Love You, but she frequently cites this as her absolute favouri

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