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Jobs aren't just a paycheck, and, given the

In most of economic theory, a job isn&ampapost treated as something inherently valuable -- it’s just a conduit through which money flows from employer to employee. But most people probably care not just about the amount of money they get, but how they get it. If they see themselves as having earned their daily bread, they feel better about themselves than if they got a handout. A job also probably has an important symbolic value -- it sends a message that society cares you and has a place for you.You t

I think because the overwhelming evidence from what&aposs happening in the economy suggests that the Robopocalypse, in which robots essentially replace all or let&aposs say most human jobs, is a very, very long way off. We just do not see any real evidence of it happening right now nor in the short-to-medium term future. You look at a couple of things in this piece, the first two are literally the unemployment rate and also worker productivity in this economy.

I am retired from the Air Force. I loved my Air Force job. After I retired, I did a few jobs that I didn’t love. Now I am doing same job that I did while on active duty, and I’m loving it! I am 51 years old and I hope to be able to continue doing this job until I file for Social Security.This tends to whip me back into appreciating the paycheck a cubicle affords, even if the work can get tedious.

Want to succeed in business with just a bachelor&amp#39s degree? The key is focusing your education while you&amp#39re in school—and networking both before and after you graduate.

Follow your gut about this stuff. Usually, when something goes against your own moral or ethical standards, it’s not good! I have been in a few different where managers have made me feel threatened or asked me to do things against company policy. Pushing your own boundaries is fine, but feeling so uncomfortable that you’re nervous or scared to go to work is NOT. This is when you go to your HR department and find your advocate.

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