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Investment income is reported as both gross income

Most forms of gross income are taxed, but when tax liability is incurred depends on when the income was received and the that taxpayer uses. Special rules may also apply to particular types of income.

Your gross income (GI) is the money you earned through wages, interests, dividends, rental and royalty income, gains, business income, farm income, unemployment, and alimony. This is the basis for your AGI calculation.Gross income includes salary, interest earned, income from investments, and basically any income you made through business, trade, or investments.

To arrive at your taxable income, you start with your adjusted gross income and then claim your exemptions and make your -- either taking an itemized deduction or a standard deduction, whichever is greater. Your taxable income, then, is not necessarily your total, or gross, income, as your total income may well include non-taxable money. Even if your only income is a taxable salary, you won&apost be taxed on all of it. The taxes you ultimately pay each year are based on your taxable income, not your gross incom

One common exception to the constructive receipt of income is the earning of interest from . Many bonds do not pay periodic interest, but are issued at a discount to the face value of the bond. Interest is paid at maturity, which is equal to the par value paid at maturity minus the discounted price. Although the bondholder does not actually receive interest annually, he must report the interest annually, nonetheless. However, interest recognition for original issue discounted bonds does not apply to bonds w

Your adjusted gross income has a big on your total tax bill. A high adjusted gross income can exclude you from credits and deductions you could claim with a lower income. Both ordinary and qualified dividends are included in your adjusted gross income calculation. However, ordinary and qualified dividends are taxed differently compared with other income.

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