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Relatively few Americans are “digital-only” book readers regardless of their demographic

And this assumes we can even rely on the official data. Many researchers believe it’s a dramatic undercount, a function of fewer autopsies and more deaths by poison and pills, where intention is hard to detect. Ian Rockett of West Virginia University thinks the true rate is at least 30 percent higher, which would make suicide three times more common than murder. Last fall the World Health Organization estimated that “global rates” of suicide are up 60 percent since World War II. And none of this inclu

Following the collection of BMI health screening data, the health screening forms were given to a school health aide whom the district designated to enter each student’s health screening results into the district’s e-Schools database. The CAST School-Community Coordinator and school nurses conducted a 10% data entry reliability assessment to check for entry errors. Two percent of the checked records were found to have been entered incorrectly—these entries were corrected. In addition

“I would like us to be viewed as a serious competitor. We are aggressive, we want to win,” he said. “We’ve been given the resources that we need to win.”As for Clinton, he said, “I don’t think we stand out in terms of the amount of coverage that’s being given her.”

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