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The British repeal of the Corn Laws

The Liberal Democrats entered the 2017 general election campaign high hopes: they were the only major UK-wide party unequivocally to oppose Brexit, and the…Lady Violet Room, National Liberal Club, 1 Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HE

The parallels between the Zollverein and today’s EU are striking, especially in so as they relate to Prussia (then) and Germany (now). Here is what he wrote:Thankfully we chose the latter.

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After 1830, the Whigs, pre-occupied with political reform, showed surprisingly little interest in tackling the Corn Laws, which remained an easily identifiable target for the Radical attack as the worst slump of the nineteenth century began in 1837 and was to last until 1842. This unleashed a wave of middle class hostility to the Corn Laws, with first the London Anti-Corn Law Association but soon the far more effective Manchester Anti-Corn Law Association in 1838. Transmuted into the Anti-Corn Law League in

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