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Haahahahaha Nigerians are just like Cameroonians when it comes to

I asked him when was the last time he was home and he said 11years ago. That depressed me more than the weather. I asked him what he missed most about being home and he surprised me by saying, “attending funerals for close ones.” He said he had missed his father’s funeral (it was cheaper to send money for burial), something that seemed like a monkey on his back. In fact, he had missed tons of funerals for close relatives. And he missed Mukimo (he was okuyu). On a light note I asked him if he had a kio

Y Is yul edochie not the first r u blind? ???????Bob manuel should b here.van can neva b last

You hit the nail on the head. As you rightly pointed out, there is a militarization of our national psyche. Might is right thus becomes a national creed, a pattern of relationship between those in authority and those on the fringe, this pattern is also visible in the conduct of daily life in Nigeria, within families, extended social networks, semi formal and formal social groups. The source of this problem, an ingrained psyche of violence, is the family which is one of the most important social units in any

There are schisms between the DSS and the new President, schisms between the army and the new President. There are also eye candy actions like moving the Military High Command to Maiduguri and upsetting the command structure of the army. Our security apparatus seems to be in turmoil, which coincides with a very dramatic slowdown in operations/successes against boko haram as compared to the tempo a few weeks ago. Also, at a time all hands and equipment are needed for total war against boko haram in the NE,

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