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Boomers on the other hand are seen as “”. They may not want to drastically change the way they do things to use some new technology or software. However, Boomers have been found to quickly adopt technology that directly addresses their needs. For example, many of your volunteers may have learned software that applies to their professions or careers, but they may not seek out new technology just because it is the latest, greatest tech toy.Reassure members about security by:

When you use your American Express® Card, you are not liable for fraudulent purchases. Learn more about the measures we take to protect your account at the .  We recommend that you also help to monitor your purchases by viewing your in your Online Account.When you request a replacement Card at , American Express will cancel your lost or stolen Card and you will be sent replacement Card.

When signing in to an existing account during subscription activation, you&aposll need to enter the information you originally used to set up your account with the service provider. Be sure to follow the instructions on the service provider&aposs sign in or registration screen. For some subscriptions, you need to activate the subscription by creating a separate user account with the service or by signing in to your existing account.

If you’re purchasing a gift membership for Christmas, you can have it delivered to you (the donor) or have it delivered to the recipient. tick the box titled ‘This is a Christmas gift’ and select the relevant delivery option.

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