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As I have walked the halls over the last several weeks, I would ask students how things were going. More often than not the response that I heard was, “I am so stressed!” As adults we may wonder how they can be stressed out when they have so much. They have loving families, go to a terrific school, have some many wonderful opportunities, live in a great country and have things that we never dreamed of when were their age.Steve Metz, editor of wrote, “Science is all about asking questions

Hello sir, In my first visa interview I was rejected under 214b. but i had enough documents to prove that I am serious students but i just messed while answering the questionsApologies for my overly long post,I wanted to provide as much information as possible

Dear Prof, I am a current final year student, studying Biochemistry in my home country Nigeria, at a reputable federal university. My CGPA is quite good around 3.8. Please, what are my prospects of being admitted to study medicine in an American university. If there are any other better alternatives please do advice me on them, am quite a novice in this field. Thank you and God bless.Required further information feel free to ask.Thanks Dharmesh

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