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Some things can never be defined – but only experienced.

It is subjective indeed. But is this comment not in contradiction of your previous one?If time is precious and valuable then it looks like of us are in trouble, because we seem to spend it like we have no regard for it whatsoever.

I gotta say — what esp. struck me here is that time is THE most used noun in English??! Whoa! Interesting, and a quick check reveals essentially right , as long as pronouns etc. are discounted:how do i put this ?

Whether the Problem of induction is in fact separable from Hume’s account of necessary connection, he himself connects the two by arguing that “…the knowledge of this relation is not, in any instance, attained by reasonings but arises entirely from experience, when we find that any particular objects are constantly conjoined with each other.” (EHU 4.6 SBN 27) Here, Hume invokes the account of causation explicated above to show that the necessity supporting (B) is grounded in our observation of co

that great and true Amphibian whose nature is disposed to live, not only like other creatures in divers elements, but in divided and distinguished worlds. SIR THOMAS BROWNE, Religio Medici I cannot avoid trying to understand your experience, because although I do not experience your experience, which is invisible to me (and non-touchable, non-smellable, and inaudible), yet I experience you .

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