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“Before the universe there had only been two things. One was Itself and the other was the Turtle,” It remembers at one point. “The Turtle was a stupid old thing that never came out of its shell. It thought that maybe the Turtle was dead, had been dead for the last billion years or so. Even if it wasn’t, was still a stupid old thing, and even if the Turtle had vomited the universe out whole, that didn’t change the fact of its stupidity.”A little like the Boggart from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter s

This can only take you so far, though. Eventually, you will have to find a mentor, someone who’s gone down your path, heard all the negativity and still come out on top. But if you don’t have someone like that, discouragement normal people is a good place to get your bearings.By clapping more or less, you can signal to us which stories really stand out.

Nothing like the Frankensteinian laboratory scenario described here is taking place, however. Raising chickens that have been genetically modified so that they are born without beaks, feathers, or feet, or with additional legs is still beyond the reach of modern science for the time being (although selective breeding has been used to enhance some features, such as breast size), nor did the University of New Hampshire a “study of KFC.” As well, the claims about Kentucky Fried Chicken’s name

I thought about that and even added in a note to potential researcher god in Possibility #10 just in case. But now writing this, I’m annoyed with myself because my note was a joke, and if he/she/it actually does read this, I just wasted a huge opportunity to ask about the possibility of brain upload (my new thing as of today, as well as apparently being a religious person for the first time as of today too). Great post, best so far I think!

You touched on the concept of differing timelines. I firmly believe that due to time infinity (rather than space infinity) that species making contact is nearly impossible. The odds are just too great that they could rise to a level capable of all that is required to make such contact AND do so within the time frame that both species exist. They never overlap. Extinction is a bitch.Thanks Mr Wait But Why, you are turning me religious….

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