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Scientists have a a name for this phenomenon: . What they lack is a complete explanation of how it works. How does an organism that remains in one place its whole life know it&aposs been overturned, and, once that much is ascertained, how does it know which way is the new up? Once it knows which way is up, how does it go about making that hard right?Here you can see a tilted maritime pine seedling perform this very trick:

As much as the Progressives succeeded in challenging the intellectual underpinnings of the American constitutional system, they nonetheless faced the difficulty that the system itself -- the large commercial republic and a separation of powers, reflecting and cultivating individual self-interest and ambition -- remained in place. As their early modern designers hoped and predicted, these institutions continued to generate a certain kind of political behavior in accord with presuppositions of the Founders ev

Actin could still be involved in regulating gravity sensing if it it, and the fact that altering actin had an effect at all on gravity sensing suggests this. Experiments reviewed in the suggest that actin microfilaments may form a sieve-like network that regulates how easily amyloplasts move around. They could also regulate gravity sensing if they bind to or help lift amyloplasts off the floor of the cell, since how amyloplasts press their substrate seems to correlate with the strength of the gravity resp

The majority of the funds that allowed Germany to make its reparations payments to France and Great Britain and hence allowed those countries to pay their debts to the United States came from the net flow of capital out of the United States in the form of direct investment in real assets and investments in long- and short-term foreign financial assets. After the devastating German hyperinflation of 1922 and 1923, the Dawes Plan reformed the German economy and currency and accelerated the U.S. capital outflo

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